Second-year’s Lime Burnett’s tossed into cardboard box like it’s some worthless object

As workers packed up the belongings of Jamie Waterson, a second-year in the College, they came across a half-finished handle of Burnett’s Lime-Flavored Vodka™, which they quickly tossed into a cardboard box, without giving it a second thought.


“I expected them to at least treat our stuff with some care,” said Waterson. “That bottle of Burnett’s got me into a pregame at Kappa Phi Delta once. It means a lot to me, so for them to act like it’s just another object? It’s offensive.”


The packing up of students’ belongings is part of the University of Virginia’s larger plans to house healthcare workers in some upperclassmen dorms near UVA Health Center, in order to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


Still, many students believed that their belongings would be given a “proper” packing, especially for items that clearly deserved care and attention.


“I left some emotionally valuable stuff in there before I left for Spring break,” said Alisha Thompson, a third-year living in Bice. “Like my first fake ID, which I stole from the back pocket of some girl in the line to Trin my first-year, or my discontinued Mango Juul pods. Now those things are just sitting in some storage unit. It breaks my heart, honestly.”


Students will be able to retrieve their treasured items once the lockdown in Virginia has concluded. 


(Unless they know a guy on the inside at HRL, in which case, contact me.)



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