WUVA, Incorporated | Management and Board of Directors

Brynn Jefferson ’20

Executive Vice President and Editor-in-Chief
Amelia Delphos ’22

Vice President and Executive Editor, Coverage
Kyra Min ’21

Corporate Secretary and Executive Producer, Programs
Eliza Falk ’22

Corporate Treasurer and Sports Director
Matt Newton ’21

Marketing Director
Vanessa Revilla ’21

Social Media Director
Nafisa Alamgir ’21

Director of Production and Editing
Josiah Park ’22

Student Directors
Brynn Jefferson ’20
Amelia Delphos ’22
Kyra Min ’21
Eliza Falk ’22
Matt Newton ’21

Alumni Directors
Rick Dreves ’77
Victoria Ballagh ’13
Isaiah Kimpel ’13
Steve Taylor ’72
Katherine Faulders ’13
Ed Swindler ’76, ’82, ’84

Alumni Engagement
Mike Moose ’71, Chair
Alan Kurland ’58, Vice-Chair

Consulting Director Emeritus 
Andy Stuart ’82

General Counsel
Richard Marks ’66

Honorary WUVA Alum
David Mitchell