This or That: Barbie or Oppenheimer Barbenheimer has taken people by storm, in this episode of This or That, we ask those around Grounds which movie: Barbie or Oppenheimer? Want to know what they think? Watch to learn more! Footage Courtesy...

HooPolls: Midsummers Edition 2023 WUVA Reporter, Ayathi Gogineni speaks to students on the Corner about their thoughts on Midsummers. Music Courtesy of @FesliyanStudios

Sophia Celentano Feature: Unique Commute WUVA Reporter Ayathi speaks with WUVA Student Life Director Sophia Celentano about her unique and viral commute from her home in South Carolina to her internship in New Jersey. Footage Courtesy Of Fox News,...

WUVA Summer Internship 2023: Monticello Naturalization WUVA Interns attended the 61st annual naturalization ceremony at Monticello, including a trip to Asados before editing! Music Courtesy Of frumhere, kevatta

WUVA Summer Internship 2023: Humpback Rock WUVA Interns take on Humpback Rock Hiking Trail early morning to see the 5:55AM sunrise and shoot footage for the Guide to Charlottesville series. Music By @VlogNoCopyrightMusic

HooPolls: Summer Orientation Special Reporter Aidan Baller spoke with UVA's Class of 2027 on Why UVA and what they are looking forward to this upcoming year during Summer Orientation Session A. Music Courtesy Of @difazetha2371