Tell us your Major, and We’ll Give You a Bodo’s Order to Try

Bodo’s Bagels is a beloved UVA and Charlottesville institution, but it would take well over 4 years to try every possible combination of orders to find your perfect bagel. Almost as important of a decision is the process of picking a major, so why not knock out two birds with one stone? Tell us what you’re thinking of studying, and we’ll give you the perfect bagel for you!

Undecided/undeclared—Everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese or cinnamon raison bagel with jalapeno lime cream cheese!

You are indecisive and that’s okay! While you’re eventually going to need to figure out your major, you can remain indecisive in your bagel order forever. In the spirit of indecisiveness, you get two options to toggle between. Enjoy this extravaganza of literally every flavor there is!

Nursing, Kinesiology, Pre-med—whole wheat bagel with egg

Chances are, if you are any type of pre-health major, you embrace health and wellbeing. With this order, you get that healthy dietary fiber and protein that you love and thrive on! Have to survive through the end of med school somehow.

Pre-comm or Commerce – Plain bagel with plain cream cheese

Trying to figure out an actual complicated bagel order takes precious time away from checking the stocks, trying to explain what consulting is, and watching the Wolf of Wall Street Enjoy this plain and sensible order—you can’t go wrong with a classic! It’s also cheap, giving you the opportunity to save your passive income or whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing.

Elementary Education – plain bagel with peanut butter and strawberry preserves

You will be spending a lot of time with kids in your future. To better connect with kids, you need to channel your inner child! Enjoy this PB & J bagel creation. You’ll love it!

Music – Cinnamon raisin bagel with honey walnut cream cheese

This bagel order features a symphony of flavors that blend in perfect harmony—something you value as a music major!

Studio Art – Poppy seed bagel with olive cream cheese

If you are a Studio Art major, there’s a good chance you are very creative, just like this bagel order! These wild flavors will go together great, giving you the most creative bagel order of all your friends!

Environmental Science – Whole wheat bagel and hummus

Enjoy this fantastic Bodo’s order featuring plant-based protein! It’s vegan, so you can’t go wrong!

Engineering—Plain bagel with cinnamon sugar and butter

If you are in the E-school, you are constantly working your brain towards exhaustion. Luckily, this bagel order is a no-brainer! You can get back to building your particle accelerator without wasting any brain power on your bagel order.



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