Hillary Clinton’s Visit to UVa was ‘Inspiring’, Say Attendees

On Wednesday, former presidential candidate, First Lady, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the University of Virginia to speak on behalf of the Women’s Global Leadership Forum.

It was a day anticipated by many students. Due to the limited seating in Old Cabell Hall, tickets were in very high demand.

Those who managed to snag a ticket however, agreed that the event was an inspiring and positive experience.

“[Mrs. Clinton] is a really strong female role model despite all the bad press she gets,” said first year Susan Le, who attended the speech.  “She was Secretary of State for years and before that was the First Lady, so to have someone that prominent come to UVa is very noteworthy.”

Former Secretary of State, First Lady, and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sits in front of an attentive crowd in Old Cabell Hall, November 15th, 2017.

Second year Aleyna Bedir added that she believes Clinton, because of her political accomplishments, is a “historical figure” today.

“She came close to being the first female president, and was the first woman to win the presidential popular vote,” said Bedir.

“I really enjoyed her sense of optimism despite the [political] situation we’re in,” recalled Le.  “If she of all people can be positive after all she’s been through, anyone can.”

During her short time at the university, Clinton mainly spoke about female leadership in politics and the importance of becoming globally engaged.  She was joined by the First Lady of Virginia, Dorothy McAuliffe, who provided the questions for Clinton in the Q&A portion of the Forum.

“Her speech felt like a rallying cry to women to stand up and be recognized,” stated Bedir.  “[It] was really inspiring to me and the friends I went to see it with.”


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