American Sign Language Beyond the Classroom

  American Sign Language, also known as ASL, ranks fourth as the most-used language in the United States and has gained popularity in the UVA community. We spoke with Gregory Propp, the director of UVA’s...

Monticello Welcomes Newly Naturalized Americans At Monticello’s 60th Annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization ceremony, nearly 50 individuals can now call America their home. We spoke with a few people about their journey and what they aspired to achieve...

WUVA’s Updated Guide to Grounds: Episode 7 – Gyms and Recreational Facilities Welcome back to WUVA's Guide to Grounds for season 2! On this episode, our new host, Sophia Celentano, will share what UVA's gyms and recreational facilities has to offer.

Connor Shellenberger: From #1 Recruit to National Champion Connor Shellenberger, a Charlottesville native, shares his experience of navigating the pressures of being one of the best players in all of college lacrosse. Select Footage by Cole Jackson, Matthew Giller, Matthew Schlesinger, NCAA Championships,...

HooPolls: Hoos Graduating?

The UVA undergraduate Class of 2022 looks back at their favorite memories here on grounds.

Alumni Spotlight: Author Matthew Kesselman Recent graduate Matthew Kesselman shares his experiences at UVA which led him to pursue writing. He has since published two fiction works, and is passionate about his craft.