America Looks Forward to the First Presidential Debate

The time has finally arrived – the 2016 Presidential Debates are here and many people are eager to hear both candidates as they take the stage tonight at 9pm for the first of three Presidential debates. This debate is expected to have one of the largest audiences in history, with estimations of over 100 million viewers.

Photo courtesy CBS News
Photo courtesy CBS News

The first debate is often deemed one of the most critical moments in the Presidential race, and rightly so. Despite the plethora of various sound clips used throughout this election cycle, many Americans have yet to watch uncensored versions of both candidates. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

The debate will be moderated by NBC News’ Lester Holt and will last approximately 90 minutes. Many argue that Secretary Clinton is going to have the advantage in tonight’s debate, due to her 30 years of experience in politics. Whereas others suggest that, despite the experience, Clinton has more to prove on the debate stage than Donald Trump. According to a recent CNN poll, 68% of Americans do not find Clinton to be honest or trustworthy. Thus, only about 31% find her favorable – an inferior rating to say the least.

Of course, the favorability rating for Donald Trump is not any better. In fact, according to a recent Washington Post poll, Donald Trump has a favorability rating of only 38%.

With debate topics ranging from “America’s Direction, Achieving Prosperity, (and) Securing America” the two candidates have a lot to cover in the first Presidential debate. It will certainly be exciting to watch and if Donald Trump is anything like he was in the primaries, headlines will certainly sweep the nation come Tuesday morning.


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