WUVA Alumni Gather for Meet & Greet

On both Saturday, June 3rd and June 10th, WUVA News’ Alumni Interest Group (AIG) will host a Meet & Greet for the organization’s alumni.

Past and present members of the multimedia journalism group will share their WUVA-related memories and discuss the recent sale of 92.7 FM. The WUVA Reunion Weekend Reception will also preview the upcoming WUVA+70 celebration on September 23rd.

Since 2012, the reunion has brought previous and current WUVA Hoos together to discuss the history and future of the organization that has characterized their university experiences.

The reception will be held on the second floor of UVa’s Alumni Hall from 2-5 pm both weeks.

For information regarding the sale of 92.7 FM and to learn more about the WUVA+70 festivities, click here.


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