University admissions decisions released before Days On The Lawn

    Regular actions admissions decisions were released on Friday for the University of Virginia Class of 2020. The University of Virginia made offers to 9,416 students in total out the 32,426 that applied. This year’s application process saw 1,319 more applicants than last year.  Of these newly admitted students, 933 are first-generation college students, and 92.8% of admitted students were in the top 10% of their high school class.

    Peabody Hall, the University's admissions office.
    Peabody Hall, the University’s admissions office.

    “We are confident that the students who accept our offer to enroll will leave an indelible mark on our University and community, and we are looking forward to welcoming them to Grounds over the next few weeks as they make their college selection,” said Dean of Admission Gregory W. Roberts.

    The university has seen a steady increase in the rise of first-generation college students, as well as continued cultural and geographic diversity. According to the admissions office, the target number for enrollment of the 9,416 offers is 3,675. This number does not reflect the level of interest gauged by these admitted students, but rather is figured by the overall yield of applications and previous response rates.

    With all offers extended from early action and regular action decisions, UVA’s spring open house series, Days on the Lawn (DOTL) is in full swing. DOTL provides a unique opportunity for admitted students to attend classes, eat in the dining halls, tour residence halls, and attend sessions about academics, student life, and resources.

    Second year students Haley Grau from the Curry School of Education and Talia Sion from the School of Nursing are both DOTL team leaders of the  “minglers,” which consists of coordinating student volunteers to help welcome prospective students and their families into UVA by greeting them at check-in and answering questions throughout the day. Both students also volunteered last year.

    “It’s really helpful for them to get to meet current students and get a feel for life on grounds,” said Grau. “It’s hard to pick a university without getting to know the types of people you’ll be surrounding yourself with.”
    Most admitted students come into DOTL without prior knowledge of UVA’s unique campus culture, and DOTL gives them the opportunity to start learning about the university’s special lingo and traditions. The newly admitted students have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share their excitement with the hashtag “#UVA20” on their new pictures from Grounds.

    “I love meeting DOTL guests, especially worried mothers from out of state,” said Sion, a New Jersey native. “They ask all the same questions I did when I was a worried New Jersey girl looking at a school in ‘the South,’ and I realize how irrelevant those concerns were now that I’m here. There is an immediate camaraderie between out of state students, and I love answering questions and easing their concerns.”


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