Two Virginia Tech Students Charged with Murder of 13 Year Old

Photo Courtesy: Washington Post

Two Virginia Tech students have been arrested for the murder of 13 year old Nicole Lovell from Blacksburg, Virginia, who disappeared from her home last week.

David E. Eisenhauer, a first year engineering student and varsity track athlete, has been charged with abduction and murder, whilst 19 year old Natalie M. Keepers has been charged with accessory before the fact to first-degree murder. The judge denied her request for bail.

Lovell’s body was found several days after a missing person’s report was filed. Prosecution says that Lovell sneaked out of her house on the night of the 27th of January, having been lured by Eisenhauer. Preliminary reports suggest she was stabbed to death before being transported to a secondary location to be buried.

The nature of the relationship between Eisenhauer and Lovell has not yet been confirmed, however Lovell’s mother told the media that they met online. Investigators believe it was an inappropriate relationship that Lovell had planned to expose, which may have been his motive for killing her.

The prosecution also states that Eisenahuer and Keepers had known each other before the murder, however Keepers had never met the victim. They were said to have discussed the plot to murder and dispose of Lovell’s body the night before her death at a local fast food restaurant.

It is suggested that Keepers aided Eisenhauer in disposing of the body by helping him carry it to his car. They then drove to Walmart to pick up cleaning supplies before disposing of the body. Prosecutor Mary Pettitt claimed the defendant was “excited to be part of something secretive and special.”

Preliminary hearings have been set for March 28th for both defendants. Although neither of them has submitted a plea, Eisenhauer issued a written statement to the authorities, saying: “I believe the truth can set me free.”


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