Talking to Chuck Davis, a UVA Football Player Who Won the Lottery

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    After his morning workout, UVA cornerback Chuck Davis stopped at the 7-Eleven in Ashburn to pick up coffee for his mother. He decided to play Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 game with the numbers 1-3-4-7-9. Hours later, he had won $100,000.

    “I looked at the numbers on the website after the drawing and said, ‘I… won!’” he said. Then he celebrated with his grandma who had given him the lucky wining numbers.

    We took the opportunity to talk to him and ask him what it was like to be a lottery winner.

    Matthew: What was your initial reaction when you realized you won the lottery, could you take us through the moment?

    Chuck: My initial reaction was disbelief, I thought no way that this could be possibly be happening to me. I’m just a regular kid this cannot be reality. I looked at my ticket and read it to my grandmother on the phone and asked her to read the numbers off of the online site (VA lottery) as we were reading the same numbers at the same time my heart started to race and it was just the best feeling.

    Matthew: Why the numbers 1-3-4-7-9?

    Chuck: The numbers were on my grandmother’s license plate and I played them because I was driving her car that morning.

    Matthew: Are you going to keep playing?

    Chuck: Yes I’m going to continue to play because my grandma has been playing her entire life and she has always groomed me on what to do. I started playing when I was 18 and I will continue to play for the rest of my life.

    Matthew: What’s been your teammates’/coaches’ reaction?

    ChuckMy teammates just call me “Dolla Davis” A lot of support from them and my coaches, nothing negative just a lot of love.

    Many thanks to Chuck for answering our questions and a huge congratulations to him. Let’s hope his luck rubs off on our football season!


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