Clinton Selects Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as Running Mate

Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton has officially chosen Virginia Senator Timothy Kaine as her running mate for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Tim Kaine began his political career as a city councilman for Richmond and became the city’s mayor by 1998. He was the state’s governor from 2006 to 2010 and in 2009 became Democratic National Convention Chairman.

While Kaine has a long rap sheet of career accomplishments to date, he also has many personal attributes many believe will help him appeal to voters. Some of these attributes include his Spanish fluency, Catholicism, personal anti-abortion opinions yet his political support for pro-choice, and many more.

During Kaine’s very first speech he began in Spanish and even referenced his time as a missionary in Honduras. As a Honduran-American, he brings an appeal to Hispanic voters, which Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton alike are trying to mobilize to vote for their campaign come November.

Chuck Rocha, a Democratic political consultant who was a senior adviser to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, commented on the problem with addressing the Hispanic-American electorate: “Remember, we are talking about Latino voters — not the general population, and the vast majority of Latino voters do not speak Spanish as a first language.”

Rocha is highlighting one of the “problems” the two candidates have been trying to tackle. While Trump tweets pictures and shares videos of people holding “Latinos Para Trump” signs at his events, Clinton reminds voters about how she will fight to build bridges and not walls.

Clinton’s Campaign team is now hard at work to make it clear to the American People the stark differences between an America with Mike Pence and Donald Trump at the helm and an America run by Tim Kaine and Clinton herself.


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