BREAKING: UVa Warns Jason Kessler Not to Trespass on Grounds

According to a statement released earlier today, The University of Virginia issued a no-trespassing warning to Jason Kessler. Kessler is a self-proclaimed white nationalist and an organizer of the Unite the Right rally that took place in August. The rally resulted in the death of civil rights advocate, Heather Heyer, when she was hit by a car that intentionally plowed through a crowd of counter-protestors.

The statement read: “The University of Virginia issued a no-trespass warning to Jason Kessler of Charlottesville on Thursday evening. The University is in the process of serving Mr. Kessler with the warning. The warning was issued due to multiple reports from students that Mr. Kessler threatened them, targeted them through cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment, and targeted them based on protected characteristics. Kessler also intentionally and purposefully misled officers of the University Police Department regarding the torchlight rally that he helped organize on Aug. 11. His conduct on Aug. 11 threatened the health and safety of members of the University community. The warning is consistent with long-standing University practice and current policy [PRM-018]. The warning effectively bans Mr. Kessler from being on University property.”

The warning comes after Kessler’s two visits to the UVa Law Library this week. During these lawful visits, Kessler attracted attention and allegedly harassed students and faculty. The University Police Department protected Kessler on both occasions.

Several community members are speaking out about this morning’s statement from UVa. Student groups plan to gather outside the Rotunda during this afternoon’s Board of Visitors meeting to demand the formal banning of Kessler and other white nationalists from UVa’s grounds as punishment for their participation in the August violence.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for details.


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