ADAPT Promotes Safe Spring Break for Students

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) held several events throughout the past week all around grounds with one goal in mind: encouraging UVa students to enjoy a safe spring break.

Students will have time off from classes starting March 3rd and until March 11th. Traditionally, this break centers around heavy alcohol consumption but ADAPT encouraged students to engage in alternative activities during the week.

On Monday, ADAPT offered opportunities for Hoos to sign up for drug-free events on and off grounds. The Team posted flyers welcoming students to come “make a game plan” and access free, alcohol-safety resources.

ADAPT aims to prevent dangerous practices often associated with drinking. The organization asked students to sign their pledge before departing Charlottesville as a part of the Safe Spring Break campaign. By submitting the form, students promised to drink responsibly, avoid driving while intoxicated, and look out for their friends over the next week.

After signing, students were able to present an email verification to ADAPT tabelers in exchange for a prize bag. The bags contained condoms, informational packets and tips for a fun yet safe break.

Visit the ADAPT UVa website here for more information. On behalf of WUVA News, enjoy a safe spring break!



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