New Bar The Hole Opens on Corner

Thursday, September 8th marks the grand opening of the newest bar to join the Corner’s nightlife scene. The Hole is located in the basement of the Pigeon Hole, Charlottesville’s staple breakfast spot.

UVa graduate Roya Makki took over as the restaurant’s owner last July and saw potential for opening a dive bar.

“There hasn’t been a new bar on the Corner in so long. The Charlottesville community and the Corner lack a place where people can just chill and have a good time,” said Makki.

Photo courtesy Aurora Calderone
Photo courtesy Aurora Calderone

The Hole serves as a more relaxed hang out spot without the loud music and dancing that bar-goers usually associate with Trinity Irish Pub and Boylan Heights. It is the type of place where people can mingle with their friends, have a few drinks, and unwind after a long week.

“Are you sh**ty enough for the hole” is the slogan of this hole-in-the-wall bar. Makki hopes the environment will entice a variety of people from the UVa crowd.

The owner describes The Hole’s atmosphere as “grungy and alternative.” A rustic old piano is incorporated in the basement to complement this vibe.

“The main bar room offers chalkboard walls and writing or drawing on them is highly encouraged,” said Makki. “We also have pong tables in the back patio for everyone to enjoy.”

Besides offering drink specials for opening night, the bar will also uphold the Pigeon Hole’s breakfast ambiance by offering biscuits and other snacks. Makki hopes to expand the menu with time.

The UVa community has expressed its excitement over The Hole. Over 900 people have RSVP’d on the Facebook event page. Fourth year Danielle Danzing is among one of those planning on attending.

“It’s cool there’s a new bar because there haven’t been new ones in my four years here. There wasn’t much talk or anything about it until a week or two ago so that’s why everyone knows so little,” said Danzing.

Various flyers posted on and off of grounds have also promoted the opening.

For event information, follow this link:


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