Z Society Disavows Forged Letter Endorsing Trump

On Tuesday morning, copies of a forged Z Society letter purporting their backing of Donald Trump were posted around Grounds.

1d9cbb5aa66147eba5076ae9d78a67fcThe letter, which has since been disavowed by the Z Society, cited America’s decline in character and the importance of the University’s role in the 2016 election as the reason for its proud endorsement of Trump. It is unknown who is responsible for the proclamation.

“We can no longer watch passively as our beloved country cripples beneath the overly politically correct nature of modern society,” the letter read. “This historic institution, theUniversity (sic) of Virginia, is a microcosm of history, and therefore it is our honored duty to uphold the status quo at all costs.”

Later that same day, University Dean of Students Allen Groves sent out an important message to all students that mentioned the timing of the false Z Society letter and its use of a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. as an example of a larger trend in instances of hate speech on American college campuses.

“The timing of the letter, the messages contained therein, and the use of a quote attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has upset and angered many students and other members of the community, and they are right to use their voices to express these strong feelings,” said Groves. “I join them in that sentiment.”


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