WUVA’s Guide to Charlottesville: Episode 2- Humpback

In WUVA’s new series, Guide to Charlottesville, Co-Hosts Ayathi and Charlotte hike Humpback Rock Trail to see the sunrise and highlight other trails.

Footage Courtesy Of @keithgee3461 , @FelixZhang1 , @DarkStoneCastle , @rmanni , @cinematicskyview2702 , @davepriest5633 , Wikimedia Commons, Thomas Jefferson Monticello, National Park Service

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Ayathi Gogineni is a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA pursuing a major in Chemistry. This is her second year at WUVA and first year as Student Life Assistant Director. She is passionate about podcasting and recording corner bites videos and hopes to begin an official research focused series at WUVA (as well as continuing to Co-Host Guide to Charlottesville Series). Outside of WUVA, Ayathi is a Madison House Medical Services Volunteer and Service Learning Trip Coordinator of the MEDLIFE chapter at UVA.
I am a third year '25 from Annapolis, MD. I am a student reporter for WUVA. I am majoring in Media Studies and minoring in French. You can reach me at bkv8ne@virginia.edu.
I am a third year from Sleepy Hollow, New York. I am a media studies major and current sport director at WUVA. My contact info is: pfm6hv@virginia.edu
Class of 2024. Drama and Media Studies major.
Hello! My name is Zoey Brooks and I am in the Class of 2026 intending to study sociology and media studies. Please feel free to reach out at wvc8dp@virginia.edu!


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