Women and Oyster Shells: Susan Platt’s Campaign for Lieutenant Governor

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    Susan Platt uses a gold oyster shell to explain why she entered the Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Democratic primary.

    “When I was on the tourism information board, a fellow came to us and threw down a gold-painted oyster shell. He said ‘we let Maryland take the crab from us. Let’s not let them take the oyster’,” Platt recalled in an interview with WUVA News. “As many of you know, now we have oyster trails all through the Northern neck of Virginia, which have employed a lot of good small businesses and people.”  

    She continued with a promise for citizens of the commonwealth.

    “My pledge is that, [as Lieutenant Governor] I will be […] meeting with all localities, towns, and cities, […] forging new economies and helping prepare them to find their gold oyster shell for their community, to help create better jobs and opportunities for them, for their children and grandchildren” Platt said.

    But that is just the beginning of her mission. For the past twenty-five years, Platt has been what she calls an “activist and an advocate” for those whose voices are not often heard in the political arena.

    “I have been a tireless behind-the-scenes advocate for families and businesses […] I was a pioneer for women in Congress, serving as then Senator Joe Biden’s Chief-of-Staff on Capitol Hill […],” says Platt. “Later, I founded […] the Farm Team, a grassroots organization to help women run for office and be advocates in their communities.”

    The Farm Team empowered over 300 women, many of whom ran successful campaigns for statewide office. Now, as a candidate herself, Platt is inspiring women through her campaign and message, including students here at the University of Virginia.

    “As a female voter, I really appreciate that she is a woman that has always been interested in not only women’s issues but helping other women run herself […] she has been a great advocate for her fellow women,” remarked Virginia Chambers, first-year student at UVa and executive board member for the University Democrats.

    In closing, Platt remarked that “I think one thing we all can agree on is that as Americans […] we all have the equal right and equal opportunity to be successful.” And that, if elected Lieutenant governor, is Platt’s mission.

    “Lieutenant Governor is currently a part-time position” she says “but I intend to make it a full-time one.”

    For more information on Susan Platt’s campaign, visit https://www.susanplattforva.com/meet-susan


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