August 11: Watch What Really Happened This Weekend

WUVA News filmed where the action happened Saturday on Grounds, in downtown Charlottesville and at the UVA Students United March. WUVA’s in-depth piece is still to come, but here are a few snapshots.

On Grounds: Watch highlights from President Ryan’s speech at “The Hope that Summons Us: A Morning of Reflection and Renewal.”

Watch the University community’s reactions to the event.

Downtown Charlottesville: Take a look at the heavy police presence, officers searching civilians, and the march through the Mall by Antifa protesters.

UVA Students United March: WUVA filmed as what University officials expected to be a contained event on the North Plaza of the Rotunda transformed into heated, unrestricted demonstration by hundreds of individuals which extended from the Corner to Lambeth to broader Charlottesville neighborhoods.

WATCH: Police clad in riot gear line Grounds and hundreds of protesters chant their criticisms, which according to UVA Students United, centered around “the ongoing institutional white supremacy in Charlottesville and the University of Virginia…We were once again surrounded by fascists, only this time they wore badges instead of carrying torches.”

Chants and messages from demonstrators included:

“Hey, hey, UVA, who will you exploit today?”

“Cops and Klan go hand in hand”

“Last year they came with torches, this year they come with badges”

WUVA plans to post our in-depth story on the events of this weekend later today. Check back soon for more complete coverage.


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