UVa Students React to the First Presidential Debate

On Monday night, over 81 million viewers tuned in to watched the first 2016 presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Photo courtesy Fox News
Photo courtesy Fox News

The candidates squared off at Hofstra University in Hempstead New York, voicing their views on topics such as achieving economic prosperity, national security, and America’s position in the world going forward. While the general public had mixed opinions on each candidate’s showing, media outlets generally reached a consensus that Clinton prevailed in the debate.

Across grounds, many UVa student also paid close attention to Monday’s spectacle. Here are the reactions of some Wahoos.

Charlotte Cooney, Archeology and Classics major

“It was exactly what I expected. Neither of them directly answered the questions. I also expected the facts to be wrong, and when I looked at the fact-checks, I was right.”

“It is hard to tell, but I think Hillary won.”

Bryce Land, undecided major

“It surprised me that a lot of the questions were directed to attack Trump, much more than Hillary.”

“Hilary had a clear answer to all the questions, but Trump had to dodge a few.”

Jake Hatcher, architecture major

“The debate highlighted the flaws of each candidate.”

“My favorite part was when Trump said he would release his tax statements when Hillary releases the 32,000 emails she is withholding.”

Andi Hitt, undecided major

“I was surprised of how civil both candidates were. I thought Trump and Hilary would go after each other personally a lot more.”

“Neither won. Whoever you wanted to win won.”

When asked to describe the debate in one word, the most popular response was “entertaining,” and when asked if the debate influenced his or her vote, each student responded “no.”

The next presidential debate is scheduled for Sunday, October 9th at Washington University in St. Louis. The first Vice Presidential debate will be held Tuesday, October 4th at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.


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