UVa Strong – How the UVa Community Has Come Together Amidst Tragedy


Photo Courtesy of @BetaBridge

Since Sunday night’s mass shooting, the UVa community has found ways to come together and remember the lives of those lost.

Monday, hundreds of students gathered on the Lawn to remember those killed Sunday night. Tuesday, a group of students came together over social media to paint Beta Bridge. One student said that on a social media app, YikYak, someone messaged that if anyone would like to come together to paint the bridge in honor of the victims to privately message them. The students met Tuesday night, painting the bridge orange, but had to stop early due to the rain. The track team came to help spray paint the bridge the following morning, with the original group of volunteers finishing up the message soon after.

Photo Courtesy of Becky Laflam

Many students came by to pay their respects, leaving flowers and writing messages to the victims on the bridge. The opposite side of the bridge was painted blue, with the message “UVA Strong” written against it.

Photo Courtesy of Becky Laflam


Likewise, at Scott Stadium, many have been leaving flowers, cards, and more for the victims. Heartfelt letters and tealight candles could be found among the rows of flowers. Students and community members sat on the steps after placing down flowers, sitting and contemplating the events that have occurred over the past days. In white roses, the numbers of the players lost were displayed. 

Photo Courtesy of Becky Laflam

Both spaces are still open for those to pay their respects. 


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