UVa Solar Car Team Prepares to Launch New Car

The University of Virginia’s Solar Car Team has completed designs for a new car. The program, which offers students the opportunity to learn about technology and business via the construction of a completely solar-powered vehicle, has not produced a car for the past fifteen years. The last UVa solar car to take part in a race was in 2001 at the American Solar Challenge.

Photo courtesy University of Virginia Engineering
Photo courtesy University of Virginia Engineering

Over the past year, the entire program has been revamped, and the team is looking for the resources to actually build the new car. The team has constructed a three-wheeled design in order to reduce the weight of the car. Along with help from faculty members from the schools of Commerce and Engineering, the team hopes to teach new members more than just the technical knowledge behind building a car.

The Solar Car Team want students to learn creative processes that actually help build careers. According to the team, “UVa founder Thomas Jefferson set a high standard for the students of his university. Intercollegiate solar car races serve as a constant reminder to keep us striving to meet that standard.”

The team meets once a week and is composed of four groups, electrical, mechanical, logistical and operations. There is no application process, but if you are interested in joining one of the four teams or want to learn more about the program, contact En De Liow atel4vt@virginia.edu.


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