UVa School of Medicine Receives Increase in Federal Funding

The University of Virginia School of Medicine has recently received a significant increase in federal funding from the National Institutes of Health. Through innovative biomedical research on the human condition, the School of Medicine saw an increase in funding from $101.2 million in 2015 to over $126 in 2016. The figures, which were given by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, amount to a 24.5% increase in funding.

“This increase in funding shows both the dedication of our researchers who tirelessly work to secure grants as well as the investment by the University to bring great talent to Charlottesville,” stated Dr. Mitchell Rosner, department chair of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. “What is so gratifying to see is that the increase in funding has occurred so quickly and in a climate where NIH funding has been relatively constant or even decreased.”

Due to the surge in funding, the School of Medicine rose from 40th in total NIH support of the nation’s top medical schools to 35th.  The strides in funding show great improvement in the UVa medical system- during a time when the UVa Medical Center was federally fined for high infection rates among patients. Dr. Rosner is still extremely positive about the future of the medical program and UVa in general.

“This is indeed a really exciting time to be at UVa…I think this is a great testament to the quality of our faculty and our leadership. I also think that we will continue to see these increases as we continue to attract outstanding faculty to UVa.”

Hopefully, this increase in federal funding demonstrates that UVa is a particularly attractive option for potential faculty around the world.


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