UVA Athletics: No Student Fans This Fall

Although this does not come as a surprise given the events of the past months, UVA Athletics officially announced the plans for fan attendance this fall, and they will not include student fans. Only family and the coaching staff will be allowed to attend as of now. The Commonwealth of Virginia currently has a cap on attendance that is either 50 percent occupancy or 1,000 people, whichever is less. Until that changes, UVA athletes who play football, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, or cross country will have to channel their energy from something other than the Wahoo supporters. If there is an adjustment to the state guidelines, the athletics department will respond with new protocols. 

COVID-19 has caused all levels of sports to alter their normal procedures. Some conferences across the country have already canceled fall sports seasons, including the Big Ten and the Pac-12. The ACC still plans to hold a season with a modified schedule, and hopefully this plan will move forward and the athletes can play after an unusual summer of training.

Given the constant risk of an outbreak, it is hard to predict how the next few months will unfold. All we can hope for is that the conditions remain as stable as possible so we are able to tune in online to follow our favorite sports teams and then return to the bleachers in the future. Until then, our memories of standing shoulder to shoulder with other students and cheering for the Hoos will have to suffice. 

Article by Kathleen Boyce

Cover photo courtesy of UVA Today


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