Users respond to Zoom’s privacy and security issues

With a background of earth in the shape of a heart and the words “WE CARE,” Zoom founder Eric S. Yuan assured CNN last week that the privacy and security issues are “totally fine” and that their “intentions are good.” 


Recently, FBI officials began warning the public of a new potential privacy and security concern called “Zoombombing,” in which people hijack zoom calls, spam chats with clown emojis, and post offensive images such as embarrassing childhood photographs. Additionally, reports have said that Zoom has been selling users’ data without consent to large companies such as Google and Facebook.

Many have begun to warn others online about the issues with using Zoom. Moreover, universities across the country have also started switching to other means of conducting classes. In the midst of these concerns, many users have have given mixed responses:


“Why can’t they at least say they’ll violate our privacy in fine print at the bottom of their terms and conditions?”

-Former Capital One intern


“Does this mean I won’t get my Zoom University diploma?”

-4th year UVA student


“What’s Zoom?”

-Retired farmer


“Bold of you to assume I actually attended class.”

-Also a 4th year UVA student


“Are you kidding? Can I sue?”



“Thoughts and prayers.”

-Bill Hemmer, FOX News



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