Trump Unveils Foreign Policy

In a speech he delivered on Wednesday, Sept. 7, Donald Trump specified his intentions regarding his Foreign Policy plans if he were to be elected President of the United States come November 8.

Trump’s speech revolved around the motto, “Peace through Strength,” an aspect that Trump stressed as crucial to “Make America Great again.”

Photo courtesy Business Insider
Photo courtesy Business Insider

One of the first things Trump stated he wanted to do was work with active duty generals, 88 of which have endorsed his campaign. Trump said that, once he is elected to office, he expects these generals to present him with a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days of his Presidency.

Trump then moved on to explaining his plans for national defense. He specified strict immigration laws, ones that would only allow immigrants who proved harmless and free of violent agendas towards the American people to enter the country.

After pointing out Hillary Clinton’s foreign relations, which Trump declared as complete failures, underlining how China, North Korea, and the Middle East are all now greater threats to the U.S. because of her, Trump said that he’d support a “diplomacy, not destruction” kind of mentality.

The bulk of Trump’s speech focused on his plan to rebuild the U.S. military, which he indicated as being below standards. He would start that process by working with Congress to remove the defense sequester and subsequently plan a budget to offset military spending.
The military that Trump envisions would be composed of an Army of 540,000 soldiers, a Marine Corps of 36 battalions, a Navy of 350 sea crafts, and an Air Force of 1,200 fighter aircrafts. He also plans to update many of the military’s aircrafts and ships, stating they are outdated.

Trump said that a larger military with new equipment would provide jobs to working Americans. Trump repeatedly emphasized that he plans to employ “young and bright Americans.” He also promised to protect the hard-earned benefits of the American people, including taking care of Veterans, who he believes are being treated poorly despite their sacrifices.

Regarding the national debt, Trump plans to ask NATO nations who owe the U.S. dues to “pay their bills.” He also plans to work with countries such as Germany and South Korea, for who the U.S. provides security, to come to an agreement regarding an increased payment for the U.S. services to them.

Trump’s upcoming rally will be on Monday, Sept. 12 in Asheville, NC.


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