This Finals Season, Cover Your Need for Caffeine with the Bottomless Beverage Program

Source: Nicole Jackson, Aramark
Source: Nicole Jackson, Aramark

As students continue to push through Fall Finals Week 2016, the UVa Dining has debuted a new program that promises to cover everyone’s caffeine needs with the new Bottomless Beverage program. Through the initiative, students who bring a 20 ounce reusable mug with the Bottomless Beverage sticker on it to all participating UVa Dining locations will have the access to unlimited refills of a variety of beverage options.

Available to Meal Plan Members only, the program is valid from Monday, November 28 to Saturday, December 16. Students who sign up for the program have the opportunity to choose from the “Bottomless Beverage Silver Club”, which allows refills of drip coffee, tea, or soda, or the “Bottomless Beverage Gold Club”, which includes refills of espresso specialty drinks as well as drip coffee, tea, or soda.

The program seeks to combine sustainability practices with the needs of today’s fast-paced students, especially during the hectic finals season. Students who take advantage of the program will have the opportunity to cross one more thing off their list of things to do through easy access to unlimited refreshment.

According to Matt Smythe, the Director of UVa Dining, “the Bottomless Beverage program was inspired by the student’s desire to enjoy flexible, customized dining options.”

Smythe and those involved at UVa Dining hope that the program assists with making students’ finals season a little easier to get through, with a little less stress.

“It’s one way of thanking our customers and showing our appreciation for their loyalty and patronage,” says Smythe.

Those interested in the Bottomless Beverage Program can follow UVa Dining on Twitter @uvadining to find out where stickers for the program are being sold, or can visit in person at the Dining Administration Office on the first floor of O’Hill Dining Hall.


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