“There’s no space for us,” says white student at university that has multiple Starbucks

After looking for a study space for nearly three minutes this past Wednesday, white third-year student Bridgette Roberts reportedly sat down to do her homework in the newly-relocated Multicultural Student Center in Newcomb.


However, just 15 minutes later, upon realizing she was the only white person in the space, she left in a hurry.


“It’s so ridiculous that there aren’t any spaces on grounds for people who look like me,” Bridgette said about the incident. “Ever since they got rid of the game room, I’ve realized that UVA doesn’t really care about my culture.”


She said that after she left the MSC she just went back to her room. “I realized I wasn’t gonna find anywhere where I would feel comfortable just putting in my headphones, listening to some throwback Katy Perry, and finishing my Nursing paper.”


In fact a Starbucks is located just 100 feet away from the new MSC, but Bridgette said she didn’t like studying there.


“They played Drake there once,” she said. “I realized even my own safe space was no longer just for me.”



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