The Woody Hall Tinderview (Tinder Interview)

You know their numbers, but do you know their stories?

At the beginning of the semester, the residents of Woody Hall 1 created a joint Tinder account which numbered each resident in accordance with their sexual orientation. Instantly achieving internet fame around grounds, they were recognized for their effortless inclusivity. In late September, the Woody Hall Tinder Boys went viral when YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley stole a tweet from a UVa student praising the Woody Hall Tinder Boys’ ingenuity. Is this the future of online dating? Join us for a WUVA Comedy exclusive where we get answers for all of your pressing questions.

Produced by Cabell Eggleston, Amelia Delphos, Eliza Falk, Brynn Jefferson, and Hana Qasrawi

Featuring the Woody Hall Tinder Boys


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