Tebow Making Headlines Again

Photo Courtesy SNY

Yes, Tim Tebow is somehow still relevant.
The former NFL Quarterback, who is now trying to make a name for himself in professional baseball, once again found himself among sports headlines this week following an incident prior to an Arizona Fall League baseball game on Tuesday.

While Tebow was signing autographs, a fan waiting to see him collapsed and lost consciousness, seemingly having a seizure. Tebow immediately ran over to the man, placed his hands on him, and prayed. The man reportedly regained consciousness soon after Tebow’s arrival in an incident many news outlets have already labeled a miracle.

“As far as me and miracles, no,” Tebow told the press on Wednesday, via USA Today. “But in the God we serve, yeah, I do believe in miracles.”

While it is certainly commendable that Tebow immediately did all he could to help the man, the skeptical side of me finds it hard to believe this was something other than merely coincidence. A quick Google search shows that a typical seizure only lasts between 60 and 90 seconds, so the timing could have been just right. Tebow stayed with the man for about fifteen minutes until the paramedics arrived, doing everything he could to help.

With just two Arizona Fall League games under his belt, Tebow is 0 for 9 with a walk and an RBI. He will still be broadcasting college football this fall, so he will only be playing in the AFL Monday thru Thursday.


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