UVa Students Fearing Deportation of Undocumented Students and Workers Interrupt BOV Meeting

    Photo courtesy of Jordan Moorefield

    Following Trump’s unprecedented victory over Clinton, over 50 University students marched with signs that read “Protect our students, protect our workers” across the lawn and up the steps of the Rotunda to display their concern for the undocumented community at UVa. Fourth-year Alexa Liedke was one of the student activists who helped organize the event.

    “A group of students interrupted a BOV [Board of Visitors] meeting at the Rotunda,” she explained, “and were kicked out by University police. That’s when those of us waiting outside began making a ruckus.”

    President Sullivan met with roughly 30 of the student activists later that afternoon to
    address their concerns. The following week, she met specifically with members of DREAMers on Grounds, a public service organization comprised of students who represent the undocumented community at UVa. DREAMers demand protection policies similar to those of sanctuary campuses.

    Modeled after sanctuary cities, sanctuary campuses operate on policies that limit the powers of federal immigration enforcement officers. Cities and public universities have historically received federal funding for their sanctuary status, but Liedke and others fear that this new administration will be hostile toward undocumented immigrants, including DACA students.

    In addition to the status of their undocumented peers, DREAMers demand clarification on an incident that occured the morning after the presidential election: a group of University police officers used their vehicle’s public address system to direct pro-Trump slogans and pro-Hillary students.

    “We received news that one police officer was encouraged to and indeed did step down,” Liedke said.

    “This ended the formal investigation, and we believe that the other officers involved have been wrongfully dismissed.”


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