Spring Broken: College on COVID

This is a documentary by the University of Virginia’s Basic Multimedia Reporting Class in the spring semester of 2020. It features a few of WUVA’s reporters and producers, capturing the college experience of immediate upheaval due to COVID-19. 

In early March of 2020, college students across the nation were in the height of their long awaiting spring breaks when they experienced an immediate loss of normalcy because of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Due to the seemingly overnight fallout of the global pandemic, many students were sent home to live in their new normal, some never to return to their college campuses. That’s when the Basic Multimedia Reporting class at The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, saw this historic event as the story of our lives. We attempted to capture the varying effects and drastic changes felt by our generation, college students, in the form of a documentary. This is Spring Broken: College on COVID. We understand that 18-23 year-olds are not the age demographic most affected by the pandemic. We are not seeking to make the statement that we are suffering more than others, we simply sought to record how the virus was affecting our generation.


Narrator: Heather Thomas

Executive Producers: Cabell Eggleston and Kyra Min



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