SCOTUS Ruling: Barbara A. Perry Case Insights

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled on many cases in the past few weeks. Barbara A. Perry, the Gerald L. Baliles Professor and Director of Presidential Studies at the University of Virginia, gives insight into the cases covering religious rights, gay rights, student loans, and Affirmative Action.

Footage Courtesy of REUTERS, Supreme Court of the United States, Washington Post, The White House, Getty Images, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Hill, NBC News, CNN, Teen Vogue, @JoeBiden

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Ayathi Gogineni is a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA pursuing a major in Chemistry. This is her second year at WUVA and first year as Student Life Assistant Director. She is passionate about podcasting and recording corner bites videos and hopes to begin an official research focused series at WUVA (as well as continuing to Co-Host Guide to Charlottesville Series). Outside of WUVA, Ayathi is a Madison House Medical Services Volunteer and Service Learning Trip Coordinator of the MEDLIFE chapter at UVA.
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