Runk’s Return Receives Praise Across Grounds

    Many students agree that Runk is the most coveted dining hall on Grounds. Sunday brunch makes students disregard the fact that this dining hall is only conveniently located for Gooch, Dillard, and Hereford residents. The UVa community was deprived of this treasure while Runk underwent an extensive construction period, but during the 2017-18 school year, this dining hall made a comeback. Since then, the UVa student body has welcomed it with open arms.

    What do the Students Think? 

    UVa students Kiara Cross and Camiellalouisa Sehidou shared their thoughts on the new dining experience at Runk. Their thoughts ranged from the new international menu to debut every week of the semester, as well as their appreciation from the variety of food options.

    Sehidou says that “the best aspect [of Runk] is the international menu,” while Cross says that “the diverse food options” make the trip from Woody to Runk worthwhile. Beyond the food, the students enjoy the atmosphere of this “new” dining hall. Cross says that she loves that “the staff is really nice” and that “the environment is really welcoming”. Sehidou agrees that “the music is amazing, and it makes for a lively atmosphere”. Both of these students indulge in this dining experience at least twice a week.

    Welcoming staff, good music, diverse food options, and contemporary architecture are a few of the aspects of Runk that are catching the attention of UVa’s students. If able, students should be sure to stop by and enjoy the revamped dining experience at Runk.

    What does the Staff Think?

    The staff is also excited about the comeback. Emmanuel Tanner has worked for Runk for six years, and says he likes its updated version made necessary changes to its previous one which, according to him, “wasn’t contemporary.” As with any change, Emmanuel acknowledges that “adjusting is hard but worth it”. However, interacting with the students is his favorite part of working at Runk. So, the next time you’re there, stop by the grill and say hello!


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