Restaurant Review: The Local

Charlottesville is not only the home of the ‘hoos, but it is also home to some of the best restaurants. Us college students might not realize it, but we are beyond lucky to have an abundance of options to choose from when we are in the mood to treat ourselves to a plentiful meal.

One restaurant that should be on every wahoo’s bucket list is The Local.

Appropriately located near the famous “I love Charlottesville a lot” mural (which inspired a Snapchat geofilter) in the Belmont Neighborhood, The Local is without a doubt situated in a welcoming and native Charlottesville environment.

Inside, the two story building, dimmed lights, and brick walls paired with wood paneling give the restaurant a cozy atmosphere. It is the type of restaurant your parents take you to when they are in town visiting because they can sense you need a decent meal.

The simple and carefree environment is enhanced by live music performances every Monday night in their downstairs bar. Also, The Local supports local artists by displaying their work throughout the restaurant and making it available for purchase.

Now on to the good stuff—the food.

The cuisine can best be described as “Modern American.” They offer a variety of types of food from salads, to pasta, to chicken.
They have a lot of entrées on the more upscale side as well.

Some Recommendations:

Pasta: Lobster Macaroni and Cheese. You will not be disappointed in their fusion of mascarpone cheese and a seafood delicacy.

Entrées: “Rag Mountain” Trout, which comes with grits and spicy crawfish. Their Salmon is coated in a savory chipotle-mango glaze and comes with black beans and rice. They also serve Duck Breast with broccolini.

Hungry for more information? Visit their website:


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