Restaurant Review: Citizen Burger Bar

    There are two activities that are absolutely essential for a college student in order to remain somewhat sane: sleeping and eating.

    The first can be difficult to achieve, but the latter is definitely something students can make time for.  While the dining halls provide limited and often questionable options, Charlottesville is one of the trendiest food scenes in Virginia.

    The historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall is a popular food destination not too far from grounds, with all types of food joints that will satisfy a hungry college student who is ready to splurge (because it is so worth it). Plus, you can shop around the boutiques on the mall both before and after you eat.

    If you’re stuck on where to begin your Downtown food journey experience, Citizen Burger Bar is a good place to start. Every now and then you just need to indulge in some quality American food and Citizen’s will do just that.

    Using grass-fed beef and fresh produce, Citizen’s cooks up burgers that are natural and not at all artificial. Plus you are supporting the nearby Charlottesville area since their bread, cheese, produce, and meat is all local. Their beer is also from local Virginia breweries. Do the right thing: eat a burger and support your community.

    Don’t forget to save the date for this April 11th-17th as well, where Citizen Burger Bar will be participating in the Tom Tom Festival Farm to Table Restaurant Week, which stresses the importance of restaurants using local food sources.

    So broaden your horizons from The Corner this April and get out there and explore all the great food this town has to give. Chances are your plus dollars are running out anyways.

    Don’t know what to eat? Try these recommendations

    Appetizer: order Citizen Burger’s killer truffle fries, coated in parmesan, garlic aioli, and truffle oil.
    Burger-Heavy Entree: Make your own burger, selecting from a variety of cheeses and toppings, buns, and sides. Or try one of their specialty burgers, like “The Southern,” which comes with bacon, pimento cheese, mustard, lettuce, and tomato served on a brioche roll.
    Lighter Entree: Try one of their salads, like house or Caesar, or grab a chicken sandwich  or lobster club.


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