Orlando Businesses Struggle in the Aftermath of Terror Attack

Over a week after the terror attack at the gay night club, Pulse, the city of Orlando is trying to heal. Community members are now left to readjust to daily life after experiencing the worst mass shooting in American history. However, this return to normalcy has been difficult as local businesses surrounding the night club have taken a large financial hit.

Businesses in the area had to close for nine days following the attacks to make way for investigation. Although these businesses are now beginning to reopen, the loss of revenue from prolonged closures has been devastating. Many businesses were forced to take out large loans to compensate. In response, Governor Rick Scott is reapplying for declaration of “a state of emergency” to help bring in money in to the state, although his initial request was denied by the federal government. If approved, this could bring $50 million to the state, Orlando News 13 reports.

However, these businesses and others around Orlando fear that there will be a decline in tourism in the state of Florida following the attacks at Pulse and the alligator attack which killed a toddler four days later.  Although these effects on tourism may be short-term, the money that the local businesses have lost cannot easily be made back, especially if Governor Scott’s request is denied once again.
Until then, the community of Orlando is attempting to heal, with both the Governor and the Mayor of Orlando visiting local businesses and encouraging locals to come out in support during this tough time.


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