OPINION: A Wahoo’s Word on Grit Coffee Bar and Cafe

Most college students rely on caffeine to start their day so having a coffee shop with as much character as Grit is warmly welcomed by the Charlottesville community.

Grit greets its customers at the end of Elliewood Street and beckons both UVa students and townies. The coffee shop is an accessible stop for students before and in-between classes but also provides a break from the hustle and bustle of the main University drag.

Photo courtesy Charlotte Scharfenberg
Photo courtesy Charlotte Scharfenberg

Known for its coffee that customers can smell from down the street, Grit also brews delicious teas and sells enormous, homemade cookies. In addition to its drinks and baked goods, the shop is a vendor of Brazos tacos. Grit has paired with the restaurant to provide another way for those who have a taco craving but cannot make the drive downtown to Brazos itself.

Second-year Molly Murphy loves that she can escape the University but always see a familiar face or two by going to Grit. “It’s an alternative to Starbucks and some of the other chains in Charlottesville,” Murphy said.

The small business’ charm stems from its eclectic art and kind baristas. It serves iced drinks in mason jars and hot ones in big mugs. The outside patio, fitted with tables and chairs, has a relaxed vibe as people chat and do work.

“Grit is a good balance of a social scene and a work environment,” said Murphy. Whether one wants to study or talk, Grit provides the perfect environment for both.


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