Op-Ed: Don’t Miss Out On the Charlottesville City Market!

    Iyou are looking for a fun way to spend your Saturday morning, check out the Charlottesville City Market. The market runs from April to December with varying hours, so be sure to stop by before it closes.

    The market is located not far from Central Grounds and when you are done at the market, you can head over to the Downtown Mall which is close by.

    This is a great opportunity for students of all years to engage in the Charlottesville community rather than be stuck in the usual college environment.

    Charlottesville residents have many opportunities to experience the city’s good food, but students (especially first-years) aren’t usually able to really explore the town because of school. That’s where the market comes into play. There are multiple vendors offering all different types of baked goods, fresh produce, and more. Through the market, students can learn more about the place they are living in and get ideas about what they can do in their free time.

    At the market, you can find vendors of many types of products: jewelry, donuts, vegetables, fruits, dog treats, soaps, eggs, etc. Got Dumplings!, a UVa student favorite, even has their own booth set up. Another booth is Bageladies, a company that makes patented bagels that are dairy-free, fat-free, and made with organic ingredients.

    “Bageladies Cafe has been part of the Charlottesville City Market for over ten years. We love the market scene — the soul of C’Ville for students, tourists, family, and locals,” said Bageladies owner Janet Dob. “Bageladies have a loyal following of UVa students, we love seeing you week after week.”

    Some items sold at the market are more popular with UVa students than others. At Bageladies, Ms. Dob says there are certain menu items that students always go for when they stop by.

    “Bake’mmm Bagels have healthy low-glycemic carbs that will not spike blood sugars. Our fully-cooked, unbaked bagels are turned inside-out to make Bagelini — crazy good fresh grilled sandwiches that are very popular with UVa students, their friends, family and everybody in-between.”

    Don’t be lazy! Get out of your bed on Saturday morning and bring your best buds so you guys can see for yourselves all the wonderful goodies Charlottesville has to offer. Plus, you are supporting your community.
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