NOW: Update on James Fields’s Trial

Produced by: Kyra Min and Ethan Lovell

CBS News
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Do you know what’s going on with James Field’s trail? Well we got it for you. I’m Kyra Min, Today is December 5 and this is NOW.

On Tuesday, at James Fields’s trial for the murder of Heather Heyer, text and phone conversations between Fields and his mother were presented. Jurors at Fields’s trial saw a text conversation that included an image of Adolf Hitler, hinting at the potential for his violent participation at the Unite the Right rally. In a phone call with his mother, Fields refers to Heyer’s mother as a “communist” and that “she’s the enemy”. In another phone call, Fields claims he was defending himself from “a violent group of terrorists” and that he saw some of the counter-protestors waving an ISIS flag. Jurors also watched Fields apologizing to Detective Steven Young after being arrested, saying “I didn’t want to hurt people. But I thought they were attacking me.” After being told that many were left injured along with a death, Fields began to sob but then evoked his right to remain silent. The defense claims that Fields’s actions arose from fear and not out of criminal intent. Fields’ behavior after his arrest fails to align with the text and phone evidence presented to the jurors.

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