NOW: UDems Host Hudson-Galvin Debate

    University Democrats hosted a debate in Nau Hall this Monday evening for the
    democratic candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates Kathy Galvin and Sally Hudson.
    During the debate, Galvin emphasized the importance of sustainability and her plans to increase pre-kindergarten education, push for gun reform, and legalize marijuana. Hudson listed her top priorities as addressing the rising cost of healthcare, climate change, and inequitable voting laws.

    The candidates generally agreed on policy but had different ideas regarding
    implementation. Hudson mentioned she would support single-payer healthcare, but until it is implemented at a federal level she will also advocate for an opt-in Medicaid. Galvin said that she wants to study the cost of offering state-sponsored single-payer health care and encourage competition on the state’s existing Affordable Care Act exchange.

    Both candidates agreed that people of color in Virginia are incarcerated at a disproportionately high rate. Galvin proposed legalizing marijuana and eliminating the death penalty in order to address this issue, whereas Hudson believes that the state should compile incarceration rate data to give the government a better idea of what legislative policies to enact.

    The candidates also agreed that racial inequities should be addressed through affordable housing and education. Considering both candidates have similar policies on criminal justice reform, healthcare, and education, it will be interesting to see how they distinguish themselves going forward. Early voting for the primary election for the 57th District seat will take place on April 28th, so students can cast their vote right before finals.


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