NOW: Electric Scooters Zooming to Charlottesville?

Today on NOW, Kyra Min goes over the recently approved pilot program for electric scooters in Charlottesville.

Produced by Kyra Min and Aurora Calderone



The midterm elections have come to a close so SCOOT on over politics, electric scooters could be coming to Charlottesville soon!! I’m Kyra Min, today is November 7 and this is NOW. The city of Charlottesville is zipping ahead and hopping on to the electric scooter ride-sharing trend. On Monday, November 5, the city council unanimously approved a pilot program of regulations for this new scootering service. These scooters can go up to 15 miles per hour, proving themselves necessary for a busy college town like Charlottesville. However, they have also been proven to be a nuisance as government officials claim they routinely block public walking spaces and have created a new source of pedestrian and automobile accidents. Charlottesville business development manager, Jason Ness, claims that the city has been watching this new technology and has been anticipating its arrival. With this new pilot program, the U-bikes may have some competition. In the meantime, let’s reinitiate the heely movement to roll up to class in style. Later skaters.


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