NOW: Carr’s Hill-A Costly Renovation

    Why is the renovation of Carr’s Hill taking so long? A restoration project to restore UVA’s beloved Carr’s Hill is taking a turn. What began as minor renovations to its chimneys and interior has grown into efforts to replace its entire roof. The estimated 7.9 million dollar project has now increased by 2.3 million dollars, and is expected to reach completion in October.

    Produced by Brittany Nguyen, Tessa Eggers, and Kyra Min


    Carr’s Hill- traditionally the home of the UVA president- is seeing its first ever renovation. But… what could have caused this predicted 7.9 million dollar project to go 2.3 million dollars over budget?

    I’m Brittany Nguyen, today is January 25th, and this is NOW.

    Serving as the President’s home as well as a popular meeting and reception space, Carr’s Hill is one of UVA’s most distinguished structures, as it is even on the National Register of Historic Places.

    The proposed renovations were intended to modernize the historic property, with the restoration of its chimneys and additions to make the building more wheelchair-accessible.

    In particular, the University had planned to repair the roof, but they were not expecting to have to replace it entirely. After careful examination, however, what was supposed to be a simple repair turned into an expensive project to ensure the structural integrity of the building. Now, an additional 2.3 million dollars from the university’s deferred maintenance funds are being used for the project. Renovations are expected to finish in October, just in time for President Ryan and his family to move in next summer!

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