‘No Impact Concert’ for Energize UVA

    October 09, ‘Energise UVA’ will be kicking off their month long campaign with a concert in Garden One from 4-6pm. Presented by UVA Sustainability, the concert will feature acoustic bands and artists from O Records, a student-run record label. They will be serving free food and hot cider at the event.

    Energise UVA is an initiative for students to rethink their personal as well as collective energy impact. Each week is themed differently throughout the month, with focuses on important sustainability areas including Energy, Renewables, and Footprints.

    Week 2 features a teach-in event, where an esteemed panel of professors including Cheryl Gomez, Director of Operations in Facilities Management, and Jeff Brown, a historian of energy and industry, will discuss what happens when we use electricity.

    Maria Rincon, a member of UVA sustainability, believes the initiative will educate people and make them more aware of their surroundings.

    “We hope that this knowledge empowers and motivates people to make those simple changes which can make a big difference in efficiency, money spent, and greenhouse gas emissions,” Rincon says.

    More information on the event can be found at their Facebook page: http://sustainability.virginia.edu/news/blog/energizeuva.html.


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