NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

Photo Courtesy Bleacher Report
Photo Courtesy Bleacher Report

How the mighty fall. After hot starts, the Giants, Eagles, Packers and Broncos are slipping in their divisions, and outside of the Patriots and Seahawks, none of the perennial powerhouse teams are finding success this year. Parity is running amok, and somehow teams like the Lions, Rams, and Titans each have .500 records. Also, somehow the Bills are in the conversation for the second-best team in the AFC. Let’s remember though, the NFL stands for “not for long”, and the way this season is going these rankings will probably undergo wild shifts week after week. That is, except for the Patriots—the Patriots will stay put.

  1. New England Patriots (Record: 5-1)
  • As expected, Tom Brady has returned from his suspension firing on all cylinders and the Patriots once again look like Super Bowl favorites. Roger Goodell better figure out a way to stop this team before it is too late.
  1. Minnesota Vikings (5-0)
  • The league’s lone unbeaten team is coming off a bye and will play the Eagles next week. Playing in Philadelphia is never easy, but Sam Bradford will be playing with a chip on his shoulder against his former team.
  1. Seattle Seahawks (4-1)
  • Seattle has quietly put together an excellent season save for a head-scratcher against Los Angeles. Their defense has allowed the second fewest points in the league and the NFC West looks down, so Seattle should coast into the playoffs.
  1. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)
  • Dak Prescott is consistently playing good football against good teams. Tony Romo should take Brett Favre’s advice and not try to force himself into the lineup, as Dak appears to be rallying the team.
  1. Atlanta Falcons (4-2)
  • In consecutive weeks the Falcons’ offense has faced the formidable defenses of the Panthers, Broncos, and Seahawks, and they’ve had success against all three. Next week they play the Chargers, so expect Matt Ryan and company to continue to rack up the fantasy points.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2)
  • The Steelers still almost beat the Dolphins without Big Ben, but news of his torn meniscus should worry both Steelers fans and Antonio Brown fantasy owners alike. With Roethlisberger sidelined for Week 7’s matchup against the Patriots, Steelers fans are in for a rough week.
  1. Washington Redskins (4-2)
  • Kirk Cousins has been playing better and all of a sudden the Redskins have won four straight. Even better news for the Redskins is that Matt Jones suddenly looks like the running back they hoped he develop into, as he has amassed 100+ yards in two of his last three games.
  1. Houston Texans (4-2)
  • Houston was able to snag an overtime win against the reeling Colts in Week 6 despite not having deep-threat wideout Will Fuller. They now sit atop of the hapless AFC South, but Texans fans have seen this before. The question is whether or not Brock Osweiler can win playoff games.
  1. Denver Broncos (4-2)
  • They’ve now lost two straight and seem to have lost faith in their running game. They let Trevor Siemian throw the ball 50 times against the Chargers on Thursday… Trevor Siemian!
  1. Buffalo Bills (4-2)
  • NO ONE CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS. The Bills have won four straight and Rex Ryan has moved from the hot seat to the driver’s seat in the AFC. Even without Sammy Watkins, Tyrod Taylor seems to be perfect for this offense, and they should steamroll Miami next week.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-2)
  • Even with Jamaal Charles back they still opted to keep Spencer Ware in the game for a majority of the snaps, and this plan worked to perfection as both backs scored. With Charles, Ware, and Charcandrick West, the Chiefs have the most explosive backfield in the league right now.
  1. Oakland Raiders (4-2)
  • They were overmatched by the Chiefs this week but were yet again without running back Latavius Murray. Derek Carr is talented, but he’s still young and needs a running game that he can rely on.
  1. Green Bay Packers (3-2)
  • Aaron Rodgers still can’t seem to get out of this slump that’s plagued him since last season. If he doesn’t improve soon, the Packers will struggle to make the Wild Card.
  1. New York Giants (3-3)
  • They were one miraculous Odell Beckham slant route away from being 2-4, but at 3-3 the Giants are still in prime position to make a run. The Giants’ kicking nets are also happy about the win.
  1. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)
  • They lost to the Redskins by just one score but the game was never really that close. The Eagles’ offensive line let Carson Wentz get rattled early, and if they don’t improve the Eagles could be in trouble.
  1. Detroit Lions (3-3)
  • They continue to find ways to win close games, but they’ll have a tough test at home against the Redskins next week. The fact that they let Case Keenum throw for 300 yards against them does not bode well for their defense.
  1. Los Angeles Rams (3-3)
  • Without a legitimate passing attack, Todd Gurley is not getting the running lanes he needs to be successful. The Rams are not going to make the playoffs with Case Keenum at quarterback—the Jared Goff era in Los Angeles may begin sooner than expected.
  1. Arizona Cardinals (3-3)
  • Carson Palmer’s decline is occurring at an alarming rate, but with David Johnson turning in electric performances like his three-TD game this week against the Jets, the Cardinals may be able to salvage the season. It’s a shame that all of the wide receiver talent is going to waste though.
  1. New Orleans Saints (2-3)
  • As long as the Saints have Drew Brees, they’re going to be able to win games. Unfortunately, the irreparable damage done to this defense by Rob Ryan is going to prevent this team from being able to exceed mediocrity.
  1. Baltimore Ravens (3-3)
  • They have been plagued by injuries, but that’s still no excuse for their meltdown this week against the Giants. Their 3-0 start has been erased by three straight losses and once again there are questions about Joe Flacco’s ability. The one bright spot: Terrance West’s insurgence as the lead back.
  1. Tennessee Titans (3-3)
  • In the weak AFC South, the Titans now find themselves in second place. DeMarco Murray has carried the team so far, but without a legitimate receiving threat it’s hard to imagine the Titans making any noise this year.
  1. San Diego Chargers (2-4)
  • After LaDainian Tomlinson all but begged the Chargers front office to trade Phillip Rivers so that they didn’t waste the final years of his prime, Rivers has had to lie through his teeth all week about how much he loves San Diego and how the losses this year are his fault too. Rivers and Drew Brees should start some sort of club.
  1. Cincinnati Bengals (2-4)
  • The Bengals don’t look like a playoff team at all, and outside of AJ Green the offense has been non-existent. Part of this has to do with the absence of Tyler Eifert, but what this team really needs is an organizational shakeup. Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis have to go.
  1. Indianapolis Colts (2-4)
  • With a loss to the Texans they now sit in last place in the worst division in the NFL. Even with Frank Gore giving the Colts a legitimate running game, Andrew Luck still can’t seem to do anything to justify his huge contract extension. Missing the playoffs would most likely mean the end of Chuck Pagano’s stint in Indy and might give the Colts reason to think about drafting another quarterback.
  1. Miami Dolphins (2-4)
  • They beat a handicapped Steelers team and did not look good doing it, but in his second game getting lead back reps Jay Ajayi was able to bust out 200 yards on the ground. Arian Foster may have lost his starting gig.
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3)
  • After a BYE this week they will face the 49ers in a should-win game next week. It should be a good game for Jameis Winston to gain some confidence and momentum.
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)
  • They came back to beat the Bears after being shut-out for three quarters in what was probably the ugliest game this week. Their offense is just not as explosive as it was last year and Blake Bortles is still not improving in the turnover department like many hoped he would.
  1. Carolina Panthers (1-5)
  • After being in the Super Bowl a year ago, this is beginning to look like a lost season. Even with both Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart back in action, the Panthers weren’t able to beat a mediocre Saints team. The loss of Josh Norman in the offseason may have been a bigger deal than it originally appeared to be.
  1. New York Jets (1-5)
  • The Fitz-magic has turned Fitz-tragic this year, and it may be Geno Smith time for the Jets. The real sympathetic character here is Brandon Marshall, who will go yet another year without reaching the playoffs.
  1. San Francisco 49ers (1-5)
  • Outside of a 28-0 thrashing of the Rams in Week 1, the 49ers have easily been the worst team in football. The only thing that Colin Kaepernick can do for this team is make Torrey Smith a relevant fantasy player again—the deep threat receiver hauled in 3 catches for 76 yards and a touchdown this week.
  1. Chicago Bears (1-5)
  • If a team is banking on Brian Hoyer sparking a miraculous turnaround, then that team may be in trouble. They are about to get waxed by the Packers on Thursday.
  1. Cleveland Browns (0-6)
  • They may be winless, but they are trying really, really hard. What Hue Jackson lacks in roster talent he more than makes up for with motivational pep talks and encouraging aphorisms. Their leading rusher may have only had 18 yards this week, but he really fought for every single one of them, man.


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