Martese Johnson Trial Delayed

UVa student Martese Johnson’s lawsuit against the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control has been delayed, according to court documents.

Johnson was brutally abuse by ABC officers patrolling the Corner on St. Patrick’s Day of 2015. The 20-year old second year had been turned away from Trinity Irish Pub when officers demanded to see his ID, leading to a physical altercation that left Johnson bloody and handcuffed on the sidewalk.

The incident, involving white officers and a black student, sparked controversy across grounds and inspired passion for the “Black Lives Matter” movement throughout the Charlottesville community.

The civil trial was supposed to advance in October, but has been pushed back to July of 2017. ABC hopes to dismiss the case from federal court and avoid the $3 million suit.

A hearing is scheduled to occur on August 26th to discuss the matter.


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