Marc Woolley Appointed New City Manager

On November 5th 2021, Marc Woolley was appointed the Interim City Manager of Charlottesville, Virginia. This decision comes after Chip Boyles resigned from the position in October. Boyles is now the fifth individual to leave the role of Charlottesville City Manager in the last three years.

Councilor Lloyd Snook is optimistic about Woolley, saying his “collaborative” style will bring some stability to the local government in Charlottesville. Woolley is also optimistic about the role and voiced his enthusiasm in a recent press conference, saying, “There are many projects that need to be completed and I am looking forward to the challenges.”

Woolley, an attorney by profession, previously worked as a Business Administrator for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He recently resigned from this position and will assume his role as Interim City Manager on December 1st with an annual salary of $205,000. Prior to this position, Woolley received a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown University and a J.D from Boston College Law School.

The search for a permanent City Manager will commence in April 2022, and Woolley intends on applying for this position.


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