Suspect in Custody – 3 Dead, 2 Injured in Shooting at the University of Virginia

This is a developing story.

Update – 3:28pm 11/14/2022

In an email to the UVA community, University President Jim Ryan announced all classes and formal academic activities will be canceled Tuesday (11/15).

Ryan also announced that the suspect has officially been arrested and charged with several crimes in connection with this shooting, no longer posing a threat to the UVA community. The University Police continues to investigate.

Ryan along with a group of students are working to organize a university-wide vigil. More details will be released soon. Currently there are three casualties, and two injured who are currently in medical care, one of which is in critical condition.

Update – 11:14am 11/14/2022

During the press conference, Jim Ryan spoke to the UVA committee expressing his condolences.

Police Chief Timothy Longo stated that official arrest warrants were made: three counts of secondary-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun in the commission of a felony.

Jones had come to the attention of UVA threat assessment team in Fall of 2022. In September of 2022, he was reported after Jones made a comment to an unaffiliated third party about owning a gun. This was followed up by questioning his roommate, who reported he did not see a weapon.

While speaking, Longo was pulled to the side, receiving information that the suspect was officially in custody. The manhunt lasted over 12 hours, from 10:33pm to 11:14am.

Jones was also involved in a hazing investigation that was eventually closed due to uncooperative witnesses. Through the course of this investigation, it was revealed Jones received a concealed weapon charge outside of Charlottesville in February of 2021. Despite being required by University policy to report this, he did not. The case is still pending adjudication with the University Judiciary Committee.

Longo stated that the suspect was caught off grounds, and Ryan stated that they will not give out any information on those currently injured and in hospital care. All victims were students.

Update – 10:57am 11/14/2022

University President Jim Ryan has emailed regarding the shelter-in-place order being lifted. He has stated that several locations have been designated on Grounds for students to gather, and these spaces will also have CAPS staff on site to offer support.

There will also be a press conference at 11am to provide updates for the community. This can be found at

Update – 10:51am 11/14/2022

Jim Howington has confirmed the one of the injured victims is Mike Hollins. Hollins was a running back for the UVA football team. The second victim’s identity remains unknown. This information has been reposted by Wahoos Nation.

Update – 10:41am 11/14/2022

On3 has confirmed that Devin Chandler was identified as the third victim in last night’s shooting. Chandler was a wide receiver in the UVA football team and had recently transferred from the University of Wisconsin.

Update – 10:35am 11/14/2022

UVA has lifted the shelter-in-place order based upon a thorough search on and around Grounds. Students have been told to continue expecting a large police presence.

UPDATE – 10:19am 11/14/2022

Richmond Times has confirmed Lavel Davis, Jr. was identified as the second victim in last night’s shooting. This information comes according to a Tweet from his cousin, Newberry College assistant football coach Sean Lampkin. Davis was a wide receiver on the UVA football team.

The University of Virginia has officially reported three fatalities and two injuries following the shooting last night on Grounds near Culbreth Garage. Active shooter alerts were issued by UVA alerts, advising students to shelter in place. The suspect has been identified as UVA student Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr., seen wearing a burgundy jacket, blue jeans, and red shoes. Suspect may be driving a black SUV with the VA license plate number TWX3580. 

Shots were first reported at 10:33pm last night, and at 10:44pm students were issued a UVA Alert saying, “RUN HIDE FIGHT.” The suspect was officially identified by 1:21 am.

The suspect is still at large, and is still considered armed and dangerous. Law enforcement continues to search on and around UVA grounds. In an email, Vice President and Dean of Students Robyn S. Hadley stated, “Know that UPD, CPD and multiple jurisdictions are working diligently to locate the suspect.” Students, faculty, and community members are advised to expect increased law enforcement presence and continue sheltering in place. 

The Daily Progress has reported D’Sean Perry was identified as one of the fatalities. Perry, 22, was a linebacker and defensive end for the UVA football team. 

In an email sent by University President Jim Ryan, he stated, “I am holding the victims, their families, and all members of the University of Virginia community in my heart today, and we will make plans to come together as a community to grieve as soon as the suspect is apprehended.”

Classes have been canceled, and the University continues to issue a shelter in place until further notice alert.

If you are sheltering in place and have a non-emergency medical need, call 434-243-0968. For any emergency, call 9-1-1.

To sign up for UVA alerts, text UVA to 226787.

For friends and families with questions about the event, UVA has established an Emergency Hotline at 877-685-4836.


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