LOTL Brightened the Night for Thousands

The annual Lighting of the Lawn (LOTL) celebration took over UVa grounds last night. This year’s theme, “Be the Light,” was picked to unite the community and held true to its name.

Courtesy of lightingonthelawn.com

The lawn was packed with students, faculty, and Charlottesville locals as long lines wrapped all around the Academical Village.

A cappella groups, dance squads, and speeches entertained the crowd throughout the evening. The night ended with a light show casted onto the Rotunda. Thousands of colorful lights were synchronized and danced to the music echoing throughout the lawn as Hoos admired.

Students enjoyed creatively displaying their glow sticks

Attendees wore holiday sweaters and wrapped themselves with scarves for the occasion. Thousands of people turned out for the event while hundreds of others tuned in online.

WUVA asked some students what their favorite part last night’s LOTL was.

“My favorite part was finding this glow stick,” said second year Alex Capria as he held up the bright spectacle.

Capria received the glow stick when one was thrown up into the air by someone else in the crowd and landed at his feet–a lucky find at a crowded event.

“I’ve been looking for one all night. This glow stick has been my main goal and now I have it. I am really happy,” he added.

Even a mere glow stick was a great addition to the UVa tradition.

Last night’s festivity marked the seventeenth year LOTL has been celebrated at the university.


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