Joey Hoops is Back

Photo Courtesy NY Post

The Brooklyn Nets are coming off a 21-61 season, which was their worst record since moving to Brooklyn in 2012.

The team hit the fifth fewest three-pointers in the NBA last season and they finished nearly last in the Eastern Conference, above only the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Nets needed a change. Enter UVA’s finest, Joey Hoops.

Joe Harris signed a two-year, $2 million contract with the Nets in July and has not failed to impress in the Nets’ preseason.

In the first preseason game against Detroit, Harris was 2 of 4 from three and ended the game with 12 points.

Harris has given life to the Nets behind the arc.

In the next two-preseason games, Harris was 3-of-4 against the Knicks, which earned him a starting position in the game against the Miami Heat. He went 2-of-2 for 3-pointers against
Heat and played 22 minutes, which was the third most of the team.

Though the Nets have begun the season 1-2, Harris has proved to be a growing asset for the team’s offense.

However, despite his dominance on the offensive side, Harris wants to focus more on improving his defense.

He told the NY Post, “Playing in a defensive-minded program like Virginia, we knew the only real shot we had … was to win the games on the defensive end.”

Harris’s NBA career had been shaky prior to joining the Nets. He was cut by the Cleveland Cavaliers and suffered from a foot injury while playing in the D-League. However, the Nets signed him because they needed shooters and Harris has been impressive so far.

Harris and the Nets play their next preseason game October 13th against the Boston Celtics.  The Nets will then play the Celtics again two weeks later in their season opener.


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